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Wings of Glory: World War 1 – Breguet BR.14 B2 Audinot/Hellouin De Cénival
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Wings of Glory: World War 1 – Breguet BR.14 B2 Audinot/Hellouin De Cénival

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Number of Players: 2-99
Playing Time: 30 Minutes
Recommended Age: 13+
Language: English

Category: Aviation / Flight, Card Game, Expansion for Base-game, Miniatures, Wargame, World War I
Mechanics: Action Queue, Simulation, Simultaneous Action Selection, Team-Based Game

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The Breguet 14 was one of the best all–round Allied two–seaters of the war, produced in large quantities for both recon and light bombing. Constructed largely of duraluminum and welded steel tubing, the airplane was light, sturdy, and very fast, with many features that were revolutionary for the day. It was the most common French two–seater in 1918 and was also used by USA and Belgium. This aircraft was widely used for both day and night bombing in the last year of the war. About 8000 were built before the war ended.

Breguet BR.14 B2 (Escadrille Br 111)
Breguet 14s were assigned to Escadrille 111 in October 1917. During the war, the unit scored 15 victories. This model includes cards for optional armament and crew skills.

Breguet BR.14 B2 (Audinot/Hellouin De Cénival)
Audinot and Hellouin de Cénival flew several bombing missions of Escadrille BR 127 from November 1917. They were shot down by enemy fighters during a daring mission, on March 28, 1918.

Breguet BR.14 A2 (Stanley/Folger)
Gilbert Stanley and H.T. Folger belonged to the 96th Squadron, that operated from June 12, 1918 to the end of the war engaging in daring bombing missions across the front.

Each WW1 Wings of Glory® Airplane Pack is a ready–to–play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other WW1 Wings of Glory game product.