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Warmachine Cryx Slayer / Erebus
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Warmachine Cryx Slayer / Erebus

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Warmachine Cryx Slayer / Erebus

The fiendish inventiveness of Cryxian necrotechs has resulted in many machines perfected to employ the killing arts. The Slayer is a swift, hulking beast of bone and black iron that relishes murdering anything in its path.

The helljack known as Erebus serves Lord Exhumator Scaverous, murdering all in its path as it eagerly gathers souls for its master. The lives Erebus has claimed leave it steeped in the detritus of a thousand deaths. This spectral effluvium envelops the machine, repelling any who try to strike its blackened carapace.


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.