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Oz: Dark & Terrible - Core Rulebook
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Oz: Dark & Terrible - Core Rulebook

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Fortmat: Hardcover

"You must go to the city of Emeralds, perhaps Oz will help you."

"How can I get there?" asked Dorothy

"You must walk. It is a long journey, through a country that is sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and terrible."

- The Good Witch of the Nother talking to Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum

Oz: Dark & Terrible is a roleplaying game with a vision of Oz that would give L. Frank Baum nightmares. The Emerald City is a dystopian steampunk metropolis ruled by the Wizard in eternal opposition to the magicians of Oz. The Witches rule the four main Realms, but whether they are Good or Wicked is entirely dependant upon your point of view. You play the part of an Outsider who has stepped into the middle of a cold war. Or, you can choose to play a native Ozitem such as an Anidum, Automaton, Gillikin, on Munchkin.

  • This book contains everything you need to create a character and run a game of Oz: Dark & Terrible using the Balance RPG system.
  • Over two dozen iconic characters are detailed with full backgrounds and game statistics. 
  • Descriptions are provided for all major Realms of the Land of Oz.
  • The history of Oz is revealed, including the Nome Invasion and the Great Wars

After spending only a short time in the Land of Oz, you will find it is much easier to get into Oz, than it is to get home.

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