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Massive Darkness Noble Warriors Vs The Cockatrix
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Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set – Noble Warriors vs The Cockatrix


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Number of Players: 1-6
Playing Time: 90 Minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Language: English

Category: Adventure, Expansion for Base-game, Exploration,  Fantasy,  Fighting,  Miniatures
Mechanics: Action Points, Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers

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A Cockatrix is part chicken and part dragon. Now, that might not seem too dangerous, but it is. The Cockatrix is a ferocious beast, and only the most stalwart warriors should dare challenge it. Thankfully, there are three Heroes who are ready to do just that.

Massive Darkness: Heroes and Monster Set: Noble Warriors vs. The Cockatrix gives players a new roaming monster to encounter in the depths, as well as three new Heroes who are ready to take it on. It also includes a new class, the Noble Hero, and a new artifact in the form of the Noble Standard.

*This is an expansion. The Massive Darkness core box is required to play.

  • New Monster - The Cockatrix is one tough bird, able to cause a hero to lose the rest of their activation when they attack it.
  • New Heroes - Three new Heroes are ready to take the fight to the Darkness. Along with the Heroes, there is a new class for them to try.
  • Sweet Figures - Each Hero and the Cockatrix are represented by highly-detailed miniature figures.


  • 3 Hero Miniatures and Hero Cards
  • 1 Cockatrix Miniature with 2 Cards
  • 1 Noble Warrior Class Sheet Pad
  • 1 Artifact Card