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Massive Darkness Enemy Box Ratlings
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Massive Darkness Enemy Box Ratlings

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Regular price $24.99

Number of Players: 1-6
Playing Time: 90 Minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Language: English

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Rats are a pretty common sight in dungeons. They scurry around underfoot and hide in the walls when scared. If only that was the only type of rat that explorers found. Ratlings are a bit more of an issue. These man-sized creatures pose a bigger threat, armed with crossbows, swords, and shields. Then there’s the Ratling Bully... We’re gonna need a bigger mousetrap.

The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Ratlings expands the possible enemies that players will find when exploring the halls in Massive Darkness. It comes with 22 new figures and 13 cards. Included are crossbowmen, warriors, a Ratling Agent figure, and a hulking Ratling Bully.

*This is an expansion. The Massive Darkness core box is required to play.

  • New Enemies - Add new enemies to games of Massive Darkness. Ratlings can be inserted into any campaign.
  • Detailed Miniature Figures - This set comes with six types of Ratling figures, for a total of 22 new miniatures.
  • Stat Cards - Each type of Ratling has unique stats, represented on their stat cards.


  • 12 Ratling Warrior Minions
  • 1 Ratling Warrior Boss
  • 6 Ratling Crossbowman Minions
  • 1 Ratling Crossbowman Boss
  • 1 Ratling Agent
  • 1 Ratling Bully Roaming Monster
  • 13 Cards