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Number of Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 90 Minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Language: English

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Conan, designed by Fred Henry and based on the Conan universe by Robert E. Howard, is a scenario-based semi-cooperative asymmetric miniatures board game. One player is the Opponent, playing the Opposition forces, and the other players (1 to 4) play Conan and his companions: Shevatas the thief, Hadrathus the Priest/Sorcerer, Belit the pirate queen, Valeria the warrior, etc. The game is based purely on Robert E. Howard's novels and short stories (and not the movies or other non-Howardian material). The publisher has hired Patrice Louinet, a Howard expert, to make sure the art and the scenarios are compatible with Howard's vision.

Each game is a scenario, played on a map. There will be several maps — Pictish Village, Underground temple, Tavern, Pirate ship, etc. — and each map can have several scenarios set on it. The game is fast, one hour approximately. It's possible to play several scenarios in a campaign, but you can also play each scenario individually. There will be a dozen playable scenarios in the base box.

Components (according to the back of the box):

  • 16 spell cards 
  • 39 equipment cards 
  • 60 tiles (actually 75, see below)
  • 161 tokens
  • 8 Hero sheets (one side in English, the other in French)
  • 4 player aid sheets (one side in English, the other in French)
  • 1 turn counter sheet (both sides in English)
  • 1 Hero rule book 
  • 1 Overlord rulebook (13 scenarios) 
  • 2 map boards
  • 15 dice
  • 75 "gems" (blue and red)
  • 25 coloured bases (5 each in red, orange, green, blue, purple)
  • 106 miniatures (plastic)
  • 1 Overlord board (plastic)