Card Condition Guide

This is a handy guide our lackeys have come up with explaining the various conditions our cards can come in.

NM: Near Mint cards look like they have never been played without sleeves. The card generally shows no wear. The border of NM card can have small white spots, but they must be very few and fairly tiny. When the card is inspected under bright daylight, the surface must generally appear clean. It can have a few minor spots, but no scratches.

SP: Slightly Played cards look like they were used for a few games without sleeves. The damage is clearly visible but it is only of minor severity. These cards usually have a couple of white spots at the corners or around the border. The surface may have minor scratches, that are visible upon closer inspection.

MP: Moderately Played cards look as if they have been used without sleeves for an extended period of time. The card is clearly legal for play in a sleeved deck as it is just visible wear from extended use. It has also not been tampered with.

HP: Heavily Played cards are in the worse condition they can be through regular use without sleeves. The card is in bad shape and it is doubtful if the card is tournament legal even in a sleeved deck. It will have many visible dings and some bends. However, the card has not been tampered with otherwise.

When we refer to tampering it means the card has been drawn or doodled upon, or otherwise modified from it's initial state.