About us

Cerberus Games Your Canadian source for all things geek!

We are a small up and coming Canadian gaming store located in the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, where you will be able to find a bit of everything gaming related. Board Games, Trading Card Games, Collectibles, Toys, Miniatures, even cool apparel and accessories!

Here's a little bit about the people behind the curtain:

Phil here. I've been gaming my entire life, from video games to Magic The Gathering, to role playing games, all the way to board games. If it's a game, I'm usually willing to give it a try. It's been a large part of my life for most of it, and this endeavor is an extension of my passion for all things gaming. After all I worked in gaming related fields since I was 16. We've gotten this little company of ours off the ground, and we're looking to see it through and expand as much as we can in the coming years. Honestly, I should of done this years ago! So here's to making this bigger and better with every passing year, so come on with us on this wild little adventure so we can all have fun together!

I'm Ashley (the better half of Cerberus Games ;p). Phil and I have been running the business together since June 2016. Growing up i always had an interest in games, but i never truly expanded on that interest until i met Phil. Since then, my passion for gaming and my interest in learning as much as i can has only grown. I still have a lot of work to do in regards to learning more games, and finding the genre that truly calls to me, but the desire is there and isn't going away. We strive to make a name and place for ourselves in this amazing community and can't wait for all of you to be apart of it with us!