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Grind House: Carnival & Cthulhu Expansion
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Grind House: Carnival & Cthulhu Expansion


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Number of Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 20-30 Minutes
Recommended Age: 15+
Language: English

Category: Card Game, Dice, Expansion for Base-game, Horror
Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Player Elimination, Team-Based Game, Voting

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What's scarier than a house filled with traps that will take your head off? How about a Carnival with evil clowns and the insanity of Cthulhu! This expansion pack allows you to add two new and unique experiences to your Grind House! With all new rooms, items, and personas, each expansion is thematic and has its own new mechanics to change up the gameplay.

Carnival Expansion
Do you have what it takes to survive under the Big Top? Confront your fears in the hall of mirrors, the Wax Museum, the Freak Show and more as you are mercilessly chased by the Carnival’s own Gingersnaps the Clown!

New Thematic Mechanic: Collect Tickets and use them to help you survive the fun house of horrors in... the Grind House: Carnival!

  • 14 Room cards
  • 2 Item cards
  • 2 Persona cards
  • 12 Ticket cards

Cthulhu Expansion
Create your own Lovecraftian night of horror with the Cthulhu expansion. Try to survive horrifying rooms inspired by classic Cthulhu mythos stories like Dreams in the Witch House, Shadow over Innsmouth, The Mountains of Madness, and of course The Call of Cthulhu. A brand new Insanity mechanic will ensure your night becomes a true Lovecraftian nightmare that you will never forget!

New Thematic Mechanic: gain madness and watch the world warp around you as things go horribly wrong... as they always Grind House: Cthulhu.

  • 14 Room cards
  • 2 Item cards
  • 2 Persona cards
  • 1 Insanity track
  • 6 Insanity cards